CQ Blasters co-owner Leigh Vickerstaffe ahead of the Tank St store opening
CQ Blasters co-owner Leigh Vickerstaffe ahead of the Tank St store opening

Gel blaster store opens

OWNERS of CQ Blasters are taking advantage of Gladstone’s interest in toy gel blasters with a new store opening in Tank St today.

The Gladstone store will be the second CQ Blasters store, with one already in Rockhampton.

Co-owner Damien Geyer said he’d been operating from home in Gladstone for some time.

“It’s just been getting busier and busier to the point where it makes a lot of sense to open a store,” Mr Geyer said.

Mr Geyer said gel blasters are very safe for kids and families and thought that was the key to their success.

A gel blaster is a toy gun that shoots small gel pellets.

“The pellets are 99 per cent water and quite soft and rubbery,” Mr Geyer said.

“When they hit something they explode then dehydrate.”

Mr Geyer said getting hit by a pellet wasn’t painful.

“If anything, they feel like a flick when they hit you,” Mr Geyer said.

The store will stock a variety of gel blasters, gels and accessories.

Mr Geyer said customers could use their toys at the CQ Blasters field in Burua.

“We get a lot of kids and families come out together and play on the field,” Mr Geyer said. “It’s really great to see them out having fun together.”

Mr Geyer said it was a great way to do physical activity and have fun at the same time.

“It’s a really good way to get the kids off the Xbox and off the couch,” Mr Geyer said.

Mr Geyer encouraged people to go out and have a try.

The field is at 1200 Dawson Highway and hire blasters are available.