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BIG APPEAL: Gladstone Cricket Inc needs your help

CRICKET: Gladstone Cricket Incorporated needs your help.

With the upcoming season just short of three months away, the positions of secretary and treasurer need to be filled.

GCI president Brendan Schluter is hopeful that through 'word of mouth' via clubs and the public will encourage volunteers to put their hand up.

"We just have to wait and see, but hopefully it's sooner rather than later to get volunteers to fill these positions," Schluter said.

"We have had three meetings in three weeks and the GCI has been unable to fill these two positions.

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BIG APPEAL: Gladstone Cricket Inc needs your help

"If we can't get people then we can't have games and there won't be any cricket competition."

Only six people attended the most recent meeting and not every club was represented at the meeting

Schluter said with the transient nature of Gladstone, most sports have suffered in getting volunteers to fill various positions.

"There has been no interest yet and it's out of my hands," he added. "All the clubs have been notified by email so they all have the same information."

The cricket season usually commences during the October school holidays, but that may change according to Schluter.

"If it is two weeks later than usual, then so be it and there is no deadline to have these positions filled," he said.

Earlier this season, the Gladstone Netball Association competition was under threat, but people stepped in to fill roles and the season commenced.

And through word of mouth and the potential for another exciting cricket season is too huge to lose for the Gladstone sporting community.

Anyone seeking any information about the remaining board positions of secretary and treasurer contact the GCI president on

"There will be plenty of help and support from the outgoing board members with these roles," Schluter said. "Hopefully we can fill these positions as soon as possible and we can all move forward to planning the upcoming season."


GCI committee members

President: Brendan Schluter

Secretary: ?

Treasurer: ?

Umpire co-ordinator: Georgie Schluter

Representative co-ordinator: Carl Purdon

Senior draw co-ordinator: Brendan Schonknecht

Junior draw co-ordinator: Jack Ramsden