GAYBY Baby, a film that is raising awareness for same-sex parents, will be screened in Gladstone.

There has been 54 tickets secured for the film, which was enough for Relationships Australia to go ahead with the screening at the Gladstone Cinemas.

The independent Australian documentary has been screened throughout the nation, although mostly in cities.

Relationships Australia Gladstone rainbow rep Cassie Farias said the screening was an initiative as part of their Rainbow Program, which raises awareness for the LGBTIQ community.

"The film is shown from the perspective of children who have been raised by same sex families. It's bringing their voice into the discussion and it's a really beautiful film," she said.

"It's not aimed at being political, it's telling the stories of these kids and their experiences."

"This movie sold out in Sydney and it's been in the news throughout the nation so it's good that the Gladstone community will be able to see this film and be part of that conversation," she said.

There is still more than 60 tickets available.

It will be screened on Wednesday October 7.

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