Water board cash looks likely to come back to Gladstone

GLADSTONE'S deputy mayor Matt Burnett is "pretty confident" dividends from the Gladstone Area Water Board will soon be channelled back into Gladstone Regional Council coffers.

Mr Burnett has met with Deputy Premier Jackie Trad in Brisbane and said he received a good hearing.

"I now know that I have the premier and the deputy premier on our side over this, and I'm determined that we will get back what it rightfully ours," he said.

"And I won't shut up until we get it back."

Soon after the previous LNP state government took office it moved to shift millions of dollars worth of dividends to state coffers - funds that traditionally landed on the council's books.

Dividends for the 2011/12 financial year amounted to more than $4.1 million and in the 2012/13 year it was more than $11.4 million.

While the redirected funds would not alter the general rate costs, council CEO Stuart Randle said in the past that money had been used to fund capital work and offset increases in the price of water.