Gatton man found dead after fight had been to hospital

DETECTIVES are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination as part of ongoing investigations into a man's death in Gatton at the weekend.

The Gatton man, 38, was found unconscious at a South St home about 7.45pm Friday and died a short time later.

Darling Downs Detective Inspector Lew Strohfeldt said the man's death was being treated as "unexplained" until the results of the post mortem examination, which are expected this week.

Inspector Strohfeldt said initial investigations had indicated the man had been involved in a physical altercation earlier Friday morning.

But he was unable to say if there was a link between the man's death and the fight, but confirmed he had sought medical treatment at a local hospital the day he died.

"We've got information he may have been involved in an altercation but at this point it is an unexplained death," he said.

"He's been to the Gatton Hospital in relation to an issue he had, and he had been released.

"We are unsure what has caused his death at this point."

Inspector Strohfeldt said no weapons were found at the home.

Investigations continue.