Gardening is a passion for Max Marskell

Name: Max Marskell

Occupation: Sales and services consultant and volunteer vice president of the Gladstone Orchid and Foliage Society.

What is in your garden? Bromeliads and orchids. I've been growing bromeliads for a few years. I have a garden, not a green house, so there's not much grass.

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How do you keep it all healthy? That's my passion, looking after the garden. It's a bit of a relief from office work all week. I look after it by re-potting and watering it. I try to make it look tidy.

How long have you lived in the region for? 25 years. I'm from Brisbane and I just love it here, it's a lot more laid back. You'd be pressed not to find what you need here. Even though it's an industrial town there are still plenty of parklands.

What are you getting ready to plant? I'm cutting off bromeliad pups at the moment and re-potting them just to keep them going. You can't do much with orchids with this weather. I try to get as much done (tidying) as possible in the cooler months.

Why gardening? I was brought up with it. At school I had a vegetable garden that I looked after and my Dad was always a keen gardener, so I guess I've taken it on from him.

What is your favourite plant and why? The Tillsandia Duratii, because it's unique.

Who taught you how to be a gardener? I was in another gardening group for about six to seven years and I was involved in the local garden awards as a coordinator. I would go around with the judges and see what other people would do with their plants.