Police Minister Jack Dempsey
Police Minister Jack Dempsey Inga Williams

Gang members who assault police to face tougher jail time

THUGS who assault police in Queensland will face up to 14 years in jail under tough new laws to curtail attacks on officers trying to do their job.

Police and Emergency Minister Jack Dempsey said the former Labor Government had stood by and done nothing as more and more police officers faced attacks as they went about their jobs.

"One of the first bills the Newman Government passed after being elected was to double penalties for serious assaults on police officers from seven to 14 years and introduced a 25-year non-parole period for taking the life of an officer," Mr Dempsey said.

"The State Government is in the process of reviewing this to ensure the sentences are meeting community expectations.

"The State Government has also introduced a minimum mandatory sentence of one year for assault on police committed by a member of a criminal organisation. 

"The job of a police officer can be inherently dangerous, but police are not the punching bags for thugs in society.''