GARY Kelly used the excess water from filling up his fire truck's hose to wipe some of the soot from his face.

His crew from Burrum Heads Rural Fire Brigade had worked practically non-stop for the last 48 hours.

As one of 10 trucks from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services urban and rural crews, BHRFB had worked fighting the 180 hectare Takura fire on Wednesday through the night before being called about 1am yesterday to another bushfire on their home turf.

By 4pm firefighter Kelly was preparing to drive back down Bushnell Rd to continue back burning operations for the blaze is travelling from Orchid Dr towards Bushnell Rd.

Within the hour, the sun appeared like a blood moon through the smoke obscuring the sky from those on the front line.

The Chronicle understands a changing wind fanned the flames faster than originally expected.


Area Training and Support Officer for the Rural Fire Service at Maryborough, Shaune Toohey, said fire jumped containment lines at midday into bordering paddocks running along the southern side of the fire.

"The bulldozer on scene is focusing on full bare-earth containment going around the fire, allowing better access for our crews to be on top of it," he said.

"(Early yesterday morning) the fire burnt out about 15 to 20 acres and during the day has burnt out the same again.

"Moving forward into (yesterday) night crews will continue to monitor the local area and keep the community well informed.

"We do have a lot of tourists in Burrum at the moment due to school holidays but they have all been very responsible keeping a safe distance away from our operations and supporting our crews.

"There is another fire going at the Churchill mines which has taken more resources off us at the moment but that's what the crews are here for.

"Our crews are exhausted but they work hard and there will be a shift change soon.

"This is indicative of the Fraser Coast spirit, the Fraser Coast will always be one of those areas that sees large degree of fires, storms and flooding, our communities are well prepared and resilient with how they bounce back from them."

Air operations in Brisbane sent a helicopter support crew with water bombing capabilities to gather aerial intelligence from the fire ground.

While battling the Burrum Heads blaze, one crew monitored the remnants of the previous day's Takura bushfire until 11.30am.

The cause of both fires remains unknown and while back burning occurred near residents, no homes were under direct threat from the fire.

This week's fire emergencies have come just a month after a destructive six-day bushfire at Tinnanbar, which consumed more than 80 hectares of protected forest.

What had been a distant plume of smoke in Tuan Forest had grown into a raging inferno that at one stage cut off residents' escape routes.

The spate of serious bushfires reinforces fire authorities' message for residents to prepare their land and home for fire season and develop a fire plan.

More information, including the contact details of your local area's fire warden, can be found on the Rural Fire Service's website at