Team Tannum representing at Qld Youth State Surf Lifesaving Championships
Team Tannum representing at Qld Youth State Surf Lifesaving Championships Rebecca Devine GLA110319NIPS

GALLERY: Nippers coach loved the efforts from his charges

NIPPERS: Tannum Sands Nippers can hold their heads high with their collective results achieved at the 50th Anniversary Queensland Youth Surf Lifesaving Championships on the weekend.

It is the largest, most prestigious junior surf sports event in the calendar, and gives the under-11 to U15 age-groups an opportunity to go head-to-head with the best talent from across the state.

Over 1600 athletes from across the state competed at Burleigh Heads in an intimidating and fierce competition.

Coach John Andrews was proud of all the nippers.

"They are all winners in my opinion, regardless of where they placed," he said. "They have all trained hard throughout the season and in the off season either at the beach, in the pool or on a track and it is great to see them to put it all into practice against the highest level of competition.

As predicted, Friday's swell packed some punch before it petered out as the weekend progressed, but that didn't deter the nippers from the Tannum Sands Surf Life Saving Club.

The U12 boy's Surf Swim team and Board Relay and girls Cameron Relay all picked up bronze medals and the girls narrowly missed another in their board relay.

Not to be outdone, the U13 boys collected silver medals in their Cameron Relay and Board Relay. Sweeter results were tasted on the sand as the U14 girls Beach Sprint Relay team of Mia Bell, Charli Harrison, Millie Hinz and Indiana Singh, won gold in the for the second year in a row.

The girls were ecstatic and thanked their coaches Fiona Harrison and Mitchell Haigh for their support and encouragement.

In the flags arena, U12 Oscar Wemmerslager and U13 Francesca Daboul won silver medals while U13 Taj Andrews narrowly missed out on a bronze.

The highest individual achievers in the Ocean were U13's Brady Blake who collected a bronze in the Board Race final and Kane Martin who picked up a silver in the Surf Swim final.

Kai Devine won bronze in the the ironman which is the pinnacle event.

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1km Beach Run

U13 Annali Philpott 5th

2km Beach Run

U14 Sophie O'Neill 10th

Beach Flags

U12 Oscar Wemmerslager 2nd

U13 Francesca Daboul 2nd, Taj Andrews 4th and Kane Martin 9th

U14 Charli Harrison 7th

Beach Sprint

U12 Kai Devine 8th

U13 Lily McClure 8th

U14 Ben Dollery 6th

Beach Sprint Relay

U12 Boys 8th

U14 Girls 1st

Surf Swim Teams

U12 Boys 3rd

U13 Boys 8th

U14 Girls 8th

Board Relay

U12 Boys 3rd

U12 Girls 4th

U13 Boys 2nd

U14 Girls 6th and 12th

Cameron Relay

U11 Girls 15th

U12 Boys 6th

U12 Girls 3rd

U13 Boys 2nd

Board Rescue

U12 Boys (Kai & Oscar) 8th

Surf Swim Race

U12 Kai Devine 5th, Oscar Wemmerslager 9th and Sam Churchward 14th

U12 Camille Bebendorf 10th and Brooke Copsey 11th

U13 Kane Martin 2nd , Brady Blake and Taj Andrews

U14 Rhiannon Copsey 4th, Abby-Rose Churchward 15th

U15 Jake Devine 16th

Board Race

U12 Kai Devine 12th and Jessica Buck 7th

U13 Brady Blake 3rd and Taj Andrews 6th


U12 Kai Devine 3rd , Camille Bebendorf 5th, Brooke Copsey 9th and Oscar Wemmerslager 12th

U13 Kane Martin 7th, Brady Blake 10th and Annali Philpott 12th

U14 Rhiannon Copsey 13th

U15 Jake Devine 13th