HOCKEY CQ LEAGUE WOMENS A1: Meteors' Ainsleigh Holmes
HOCKEY CQ LEAGUE WOMENS A1: Meteors' Ainsleigh Holmes Jann Houley

GALLERY: Focus turns to finals for Gladstone teams

HOCKEY: Meteors captain Joanna Homann said consistency was something her team needs to work on ahead of the Central Queensland Hockey League finals which starts this weekend.

Meteors lost 3-1 to the second-placed Wanderers in the final minor round game.

"We just really wanted to focus on our game which is a lot of quick passing, moving the ball fast," Homann said.

"I felt like we did that in patches and not throughout the whole game so just getting those opportunities of getting the ball in the box."

Homann said if the teams meet again, to move the ball around the defenders would be a key ingredient in the recipe to beat Wanderers.

Young gun Zoe Calis was strong in defence according to Homann, but Calis will not be available this weekend.

"Kellie Pagel up the front is always a really good striker and Sue Rayner, our veteran of the team who scored our goal," Homann said.

Meteors' men had a 6-4 win against Sparks and will enter the finals full of confidence while Gladstone Sparks went down 3-2 to Park Avenue Brothers.

A full schedule of senior and junior finals will be available in The Observer later in the week.


A1M Park Ave 3 (A. Nicolaou 3) def Sparks 2 (A. Jeynes, A. Webb); Meteors 6 (M. Ryan 3, N. Pease, H. Pease, J. Wilsen) def Frenchville 4 (K. Lenzine, J. Bass, L. Sisley, H. Harrison)

A2M Yaralla 3 (I. Keddie, A. Wheatley, M. Wheatley) def Sparks 2 (K. McClure, B. Bryce); Meteors 6 (S. Bobart 5, R. Bobart) def Souths 4 (S. Aitkenhead, D. Black 2, L. Graham)

A2W Sparks 5 (T. Schonknecht 2, J. Smith, S. Blackmore, T. McCarthy-Boyle) def Yaralla 0; Souths 4 (A. Lindenberg, K. Jinnette, C. Adams, L. Grady) def Meteors 0

A3W Sparks 3 (T. McCarthy-Boyle 2, P. Brown) def Yaralla 2 (N. Abell, K. Abell); Souths 3 (M. Allen, D. Creighton, B. Hale) def Meteors 0

U16 Souths 4 (A. Lindenberg 2, L. Blackmore, S. Aitkenhead) def Scorchers 1 (S. Price); Fireball 4 (R. Bobart 3, A. McCafferty) def Sparks 2 (S. Blackmore, M. Ash)

U14 Sparks 7 (S. Jarram, H. McGuire 2, T. Williams, H. Veach, E. Clark 2) def Yaralla 0

U12 Sparks 3 (C. Byers 2, F. Brown) def Blazers 0; Souths 2 (A. Di Bartelo 2) def Flames 1 (H. Evangelista)