Gail Sellers' vision for Gladstone's future

1/ Why do you love CQ?

I love that the Gladstone region is unique.

The story is told, so many times, of people who have come to the Gladstone region for a short time 'chasing the money' and are still here decades later. 

Gail Sellers, mayoral candidate 2016
Gail Sellers, mayoral candidate 2016


They have made their home here, raised their family, and now cannot imagine living anywhere else.

They will tell you they stayed on for the lifestyle.

2/ What's your vision for the future of our region?

The Gladstone region will be a region of choice for those who wish to visit, live, work, raise a family and settle long term.

Our economy will be robust and diverse with a culture of innovation.

There will be education, training and employment opportunities for community members.

Small business will be flourishing. Co-operation will be evident between major industry, environmental organisations, elected representatives and community members.

Our community will have the very best health, transport and communication services.