HOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: Travis Pope Park Co-ordinator
HOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: Travis Pope Park Co-ordinator Greg Bray

Future of HookUp

FUTURE proofing of the HookUp is already underway.

Travis Pope, the new Park Co-ordinator, said there are a few changes being planned.

"We're looking at moving things around, creating a bit more space near the stage and adding a lot more audio visual equipment," he said.

"What we're trying to create here is a festival atmosphere, with a food area up the top with lots of live music from local artists."

"Plus we'll try and get some deals going with our rides and food vendors during the middle of the day when it's not so busy to create a bit more of a festival atmosphere during the day."

But it's the children currently working, volunteering or fishing in this year's event that are the real future.

"The key is to keep getting the kids down here, especially when you see how much fun they're having catching and weighing in fish."

"Plus we'll continue passing on our skills to the young volunteers because they'll be the ones running this event soon."

Lyndell Hansen, Projects Co-ordinator said the future of the hookup is to use this event as a local economic stimulus.

We're not waiting for the next big thing, we're doing it ourselves using assets in our community.

"We can stimulate the local economy from the inside out using our regions' assets."

"The Hookup is a huge asset, it's got the ability to bring in tourists and bring happiness to locals."


HOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: Lyndell Hansen HookUp Projects Co-ordinator
HOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: Lyndell Hansen HookUp Projects Co-ordinator Greg Bray

Jenny McGuire, HookUp President agrees.

"We seeing more input from local businesses on getting onboard with the event," she said.

"More of them are seeing the benefits of the HookUp and they're offering deals to keep tourists here longer, we'll be looking at ways we can encourage them."

Travis added that the HookUp was being prepared for bigger things.

"We've got a vibrant committee, great sponsors and heaps of community groups on board, we're already the biggest comp in the country but we have a vision to go Australia wide and even get some world-wide recognition," he said.

"As a region we should be proud of this event."