Six Calliope rugby league juniors were sponsored to play for the Capras by Bendigo Bank.
Six Calliope rugby league juniors were sponsored to play for the Capras by Bendigo Bank. Christopher Chan

Six Calliope juniors represented Capras at Qld Championships

SIX of the most talented young rugby league stars in Calliope travelled to the Queensland Championships in the last week of June, gaining more knowledge and a sense of community.

Bendigo Calliope District Community Bank assisted the players, and helped the families fund the trip that may turn the boys into future Australian stars.

Zaine Hammond, Jordie Ward, Luke Pellegrinet, Jack Taylor, Luke Bain and Bradon Streeter are all Calliope players, and were representing the Capras.

"Definitely, that level of footy is a whole level of competition altogether; to see the development of other districts is amazing," Sam Ward, the mother of Jordie Ward, said.

A donation of $600 was given to each of the players and their families, making the stress of being able to travel and further rugby league talent a little easier to handle.

"It takes the pressure off, it makes it more enjoyable too, and that extends to the field for the boys," Ward said.

"It (the help from Bendigo Bank) gives a sense of community support for the boys, which is already strong in Calliope."

The local bank is proud, both for the boys and the way in which they are able to help, and is glad that they can offer the opportunity to further the young players' careers.

Being a community bank, the exchange is simple. They will support the sport as much as the community allows them. "All we ask is they put up our signs and promote the bank to put money back into the community," Calliope District Community Bank chairwoman Jenny Bubka said.

The next step for the partnership between the Calliope players and the bank is a sponsorship presentation on July 30.

"It is the second for the year. We put in about $200,000 last financial year, and we have been in operation for four years," Bubka said.