QFES images on the frontline of the Deepwater fire.
QFES images on the frontline of the Deepwater fire.

Furniture, records donated to Deepwater bushfire victims

A HOUSEHOLD worth of furniture and hundreds of vinyl records have been donated to a Deepwater family who lost everything in the bushfires late last year.

Along with their furniture and belongings, the dad of the family lost his collection of 15,000 vinyl records when the blaze tore through the region in November and December last year.

Now living in a rental property in Miriam Vale, the family has received an entire household of furniture from not-for-profit organisation GIVIT.

Friend of the family and supporter of GIVIT, Brent Beecroft, said the delivery of the donation was "unreal".

He said it brought the father of the family to tears.

Mr Beecroft said vinyl record donations continued to come in, with more than 500 handed to the family so far.

Last week another four boxes of records were picked up.

"We thought it would help cheer him up, yesterday we had a record player donated too," he said.

Mr Beecroft met the dad at a market where he was selling records.

Mr Beecroft said the man's former record collection included 189 of Slim Dusty's 190 records.

"When I went to the GIVIT disaster centre they were there because their house had burnt down," he said.

"That's when I thought it was a good idea to put a call out for records.

"I thought it'd be something to get his head back to normal, something that would bring back some memories."

Mr Beecroft has been involved with GIVIT for four years, through the Road Boss Rally. He and wife Lynn take part in the annual rally in their Ghostbusters-themed 1986 Falcon.

GIVIT is also supporting volunteers from Team Rubicon, who are working on recovery efforts in Baffle Creek and Deepwater.

Visit givit.org.au to see what is needed or make a cash donation.