Gladstone man Robert Tryhorn has dressed up his motorised scooter in Christmas colours.
Gladstone man Robert Tryhorn has dressed up his motorised scooter in Christmas colours. Matt Taylor GLA181218SCOOT

Funky Christmas cruiser sends a powerful message

ROBERT Tryhorn has "always been one for Christmas" despite experiencing depression for nearly half a century.

He said keeping the spirit alive became harder in later years as loneliness encroached.

But the Eureka Care Communities Gladstone resident was inspired by a recent act of kindness when Blue Care workers helped him decorate his scooter for Christmas, as he was physically unable to.

Mr Tryhorn is now sending a message to the community to do more for neglected older residents this holiday season.

"It's that time of the year that when you get older you've got to say no to so many things. It has given me a lot of joy I didn't think I'd have and I wish people could come together and just help somebody do some decoration," he said.

"What I would like to see is a movement that brings the community to people with problems, any of the elderly, any person that's got a disability of any sort."

Mr Tryhorn said the simple act of being helped with decorating his scooter made him realise how instrumental this was in alleviating depression.

"One thing I know about depression (is that) depression is being void of happy memories and happy memories you must keep creating," he said.

"This is where the public plays a huge role. They don't have to do much, if they help (someone) decorate even a walking stick.

"You don't feel it but I guarantee you the person that you're helping feels it and it's a beautiful feeling...everybody gets old and everybody's going to need it."

Mr Tryhorn said he wanted to start an annual decorating competition bringing elderly residents and community members together in a bid to decrease loneliness and depression, with his scooter being the first prototype.

"It's not much to ask but it's so much to give to those individuals that don't get it any other way," he said.

Those wanting to help can phone him on 0408756444.