Check out the Funkoars at the Harvey Road, Gladstone on January 23.
Check out the Funkoars at the Harvey Road, Gladstone on January 23. Contributed

Funkoars say whatever they want on angst-ridden album

FOUR albums later - and a continuous group of followers - the Funkoars broke out with an even deadlier, angst- ridden sound with their newest album, The Quickening - music produced with a "say-whatever-the-hell-you-want" ethos.

Now the group is bringing the style to Gladstone at The Harvey Road Tavern on Thursday, January 23.

The Funkoars formed in Adelaide around 1999. The team of pessimists - MCs Sesta, Trials and Hons along with DJ Reflux - are described as delivering an in-your-face rawness.

This week The Observer chats with Trials in a Q&A.

Q. What can Gladstone expect from your performance?

A. The most energy/lunacy you've seen on stage exchanged between four men since Tap Dogs. Also a heavy chance we'll be asking for donations of socks from the crowd towards my collection since it worked so well in Barwon Heads. We left with four pairs of odds.

Q. If you could perform live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

A. Probably direct from the shower where everything sounds good, and with the internet that's possible but not practical for a number of reasons.

Funkoars perform Vamoose: Hip hop band Funkoars perform their hit Vamoose.
Funkoars perform Vamoose: Hip hop band Funkoars perform their hit Vamoose.

Q. How do you maintain your image and success in the music business today?

A. I guess any perceived image of us is unfortunately due to the real humans we are. Everything we write about is generally what went on that week - for better or worse - but usually because it makes us laugh.

We keep our success rate so high by putting our expectations so low, especially of ourselves.

Q. Tell me about your most hilarious/ embarrassing moment or experience as a band.

A. The song Where I Am from our last record The Quickening, is pretty much a confession to an incident we may or may not have been a part of involving a reason ably large hotel chain, three fire trucks, two trolleys and one extinguisher.

I'm not sure if that was as funny as it was terrifying, but people usually laugh at/with us when we tell the tale.

Q. You now have four albums - how has your music changed since your first?

A. The sound has always stayed the same with Sesta and myself producing the bulk of the records.

But I like to think the content has grown along with us and the people who have been listening from the start.

We're still the same dudes at the party, in the corner, looking awkward, but now you might be able to hold a conversation with one of us as opposed to just holding my dreads back as I throw up.

Q. What inspires your lyrics?

A. You could say we're objective humorists turning everyday observations into music or you could say we're a bunch of idiots. Every one of our records' genesis is the past weekend's wins or failures; what you hear is definitely what you get.

Q. Why call yourselves Funkoars?

A. It was down to either that or Friends 4 Life. We're still considering using the name for a future record title.


WHAT: Funkoars

WHEN: Thursday, January 23

WHERE: The Harvey Road Tavern

TICKETS: Pre-sale $20, door $25