Council set to vote after funding shortfall blow to projects

THE Gladstone Regional Council is set to vote on Tuesday on a set of priority community projects, with the council saying that contributions from industry and government on previous priority projects had fallen short of the mark.

Back in December 2010, the council came up with several "growth management projects" which it hoped would be co-funded between the council, State Government, and industry.

However, the council said that with the State Government and industry not stepping up to the plate, the delivery of the projects fell mostly to council.

It also said that the Gladstone Foundation had fallen short of the mark in its aims as well.

It is set to vote on six priority projects.

The number is down on the 2010 plan due to "the apparent lack of availability of government or industry contributions toward community infrastructure".

The Gladstone Regional Council will meet at Council Chambers at 101 Goondoon St from 9am today.