An aerial view of Monto after Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Photo Contributed by RACQ CareFlight.
An aerial view of Monto after Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Photo Contributed by RACQ CareFlight. Contributed

More funding assistance for cyclone affected on the way

THE Queensland Government is still assessing the damage Cyclone Marcia caused when it ripped through the state, but the premier says more funding assistance will be available later this week.

More than 69,000 households lost power during the cyclone around the Rockhampton area, and only about a third - 23,000 - had been restored by lunchtime yesterday.

Ergon chief executive officer Ian McLeod hoped another 12,000 would have power restored by last night and generators would be sent to isolated communities.

While some rural residents would not have power restored until later this week, Mr McLeod said Marcia did not hit as hard as Cyclone Yasi.

"In terms of this actual event, when you look at the Capricorn coast, and look at where the storm has come through, there is quite a bit of exposed 66,000-volt network there," he said.

"It is a challenging event."

Mr McLeod said 939 workers had been assigned to help restore power.

Meanwhile, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the government was compiling a list of the number of communities Cyclone Marcia affected.

She said the agricultural industry had been impacted, particularly beef, citrus, and cotton farms.

"We'll be getting further reports to Cabinet about those issues," she said.

She also said more councils would be eligible for national disaster recovery grants.

State disaster co-ordinator Steve Gollschewski said areas were being mapped and aircraft was helping to find residents on isolated properties who may have been affected.

But Ms Palaszczuk said communication to isolated areas was a big issue because of limited power.

"We're trying to restore the communications, get the power on as quickly as possible and fundamentally look after those people and those families who have lost everything," she said.