VITAL SIGNS: Dr Ananta Kolesky is celebrating her first year in business at Vitality Solutions.
VITAL SIGNS: Dr Ananta Kolesky is celebrating her first year in business at Vitality Solutions. Greg Bray

Functional medicine 'a more natural way' to treat illness

DOCTOR Ananta Kolesky said when it comes to your health, "Genetics loads the gun, but your lifestyle pulls the trigger."

"You can fix most illnesses with lifestyle and diet changes.

"People with chronic diseases can get dramatic improvements."

A fully qualified Doctor of Medicine, Specialist GP with a Post Graduate Degree in Emergency Medicine, Dr Kolesky said she found herself treating the same patients over and over again.

"They were still sick because they hadn't made any changes," she said.

"There had to be a more natural way to treat people instead of saying 'here's your tablets and off you go.'

"That's where my interest in functional medicine started, addressing the root cause of a disease and fixing that.

Dr Kolesky completed her Australasian Certificate in Anti-aging medicine and is currently completing the Institute for Functional Medicine Certification Program.

Opening Vitality Solutions was her first step into the business world.

"I saw a gap in the market for a service I'm passionate about," Dr Kolesky said.

"Functional medicine offers a wide range of treatments, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, using your own blood, processing it, then injecting it back into your body's problem areas where there isn't much blood flow to help the body heal itself.

"They're like stem cells, regenerating tissue and sending distress signals to the rest of the body to come and fix the problem.

"A mounting body of evidence shows PRP injections are quite good for preventing or delaying joint replacement in a lot of people especially the knees.

"But it can also treat repetitive strain injury, bursitis and osteo-arthritis."

Dr Kolesky said some people may be too far along the range of chronic disease to be fixed by lifestyle changes.

"But they can dramatically decrease the medication they're on," she said.

"Which will give them a better quality of life and not escalate the disease any further."

For more information about functional medicine, or to see the treatments available visit the Vitality Solutions website.