An artist’s impression of how Great Keppel Island will look.
An artist’s impression of how Great Keppel Island will look. Contributed

Fun water park for Great Keppel Island announced

AS PART of a commitment to improve visitor amenities on Great Keppel Island, the GKI Revitalisation Plan team has announced it plans to create a deluxe water park and other day-tripper facilities.

Tower Holdings owner Terry Agnew said this week it was their way of giving back to the CQ community after years of strong support.

"Other communities along the Queensland coast have access to fantastic water park facilities for families and children especially to enjoy," Mr Agnew said.

"We want Central Queensland to have its very own public water park on Great Keppel Island.

"It's about adding value for the entire community. Great Keppel Island means so much to Central Queensland.

"It's always been our vision to improve its facilities, accessibility and activity base for everyone, whether they be a paying tourist staying for a week or a day-tripper enjoying the best that Keppel has to offer."

The proposed developments include a water fun park, children's swimming area, improved walking tracks, sporting grounds and facilities, and marina facilities including shops and restaurants.

Mr Agnew said the plan had been approved and was the largest multifaceted tourism infrastructure project in the nation.

"We are working with the world's top hotel management groups to make our five-star vision come to life," he said.