Gladstone's Jacob Downey
Gladstone's Jacob Downey Matt Taylor GLA270719ROAR

FULL-TIME WRAP: Gladstone Select Team v Brisbane Roar

SOCCER: Brisbane Roar continued their unbeaten pre-season campaign with a 11-0 walloping of Gladstone Team Select at Marley Brown Oval.

The Brisbane Roar and Gladstone Select teams
The Brisbane Roar and Gladstone Select teams Matt Taylor GLA270719ROAR

It's the third successive clean sheet the Roar have inflicted on their pre-season opponents.

Jay O'Shea finished with four goals and Bradden Inman scored twice.

Roy O'Donovan, Inman, Macauley Gillespie, O'Shea and George Mells all scored goals against a gallant Gladstone in the first 45-minutes.

O'Shea struck a second time to give Roar a 6-0 half-time lead.

Inman took first blood in the second half for his second goal.

That's despite some spectacular saves by Gladstone goal-keeper Billy Hunter which included a reflex left-side save 20-minutes into the second half.

Gladstone goalkeeper Hunter dived across to stop a James O'Shea strike and then another against Inman earlier in the match.

Hunter said he was nervous pre-game, but that did not show.

"I felt confident and I did a lot of futsal and that helped with my agility and playing AFL helped me jump," he said.

Gladstone's Luke Kenny looked the goods and Luke Larsen showed dash at times during the match.

The Roar's quick possession game was a feature in the first half in a game that was played in Brisbane's attacking half.

Kenny produced a great steal against O'Donovan just prior to half-time and Luke Jones was good in defence.

Roar's Stefan Mauk was prominent as was Inman, O'Shea and Jordan Courtney-Perkins and Mauk added his name to the score sheet to put the icing on the Roar cake.

Dauntae Mariner made it goal number 11, but without the efforts of Hunter, the score would have been closer to 20-0.

Hunter won a lot of adulation from the crowd and was somewhat of a cult figure.

"I will go back to Premier League if I could but have work priorities at the moment," he said.

He said he studied Brisbane Roar goal-keeper Jamie Young.

"He's a big boy but he can move real quick and I'm only little and still can do some of the stuff he can do," Hunter said.

Gladstone coach Mark Delaney hoped to involve more players from the Central Queensland region.

"It's a win for Gladstone, a win for Roar, a win for football and hopefully they come back to Gladstone next year aand do the same again," Delaney said.

"We'll have a wider range of players to pick from and obviously have players sitting around in CQ who would like to play in a game like this and why wouldn't you."