'Full of lies': Accountant unleashes at ATO, Bechtel

THE accounting firm that defended a former Bechtel worker's work-related claims has spoken out after a tribunal rejected its challenge to taxation law.

On Friday, the Australian Appeals Tribunal rejected the challenge put forward by Corporate Accountants, following a mass audit of Curtis Island Bechtel workers.

INITIAL | Curtis Island worker's tax claim challenge rejected

Now Corporate Accountants director Bob Lamont has uploaded a video to the firm's Facebook page acknowledging the case was lost, but insisting the outcome was "a win".

"What we came away from that tribunal with is the ability for you guys to ignore the ATO's blanket dismissal of all you had to say about claiming expenses for tools, self education, for PPE, for phone use," he said.

"You've been given the right to claim all of those expenses."

Mr Lamont said the test case highlighted issues in an Australian Taxation Office booklet that detailed the work of Curtis Island employees.

He said the booklet was "full of lies" and claimed the allowance for work-related expenses for Bechtel workers was "not enough".

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The decision follows a mass audit completed by the Australian Taxation Office on Bechtel workers in 2015, which found inconsistencies.

In the video posted by Corporate Accountants today, Mr Lamont says former Bechtel workers can still challenge the ATO individually if they have enough evidence.

"The main thing you guys have to do if you want us to help you regain some of that money the Australian Taxation Office took from you, then what you need to do is to have very very good evidence to support your claims," he said.

The ATO repeatedly urged workers to resubmit their taxes while Corporate Accountants, which represented thousands of Bechtel workers, stood by its firm's work.

Gladstone accountants and tax agents were also interviewed as part of the investigations.