Gladstone Region Councillor Cindi Bush has announced her resignation.
Gladstone Region Councillor Cindi Bush has announced her resignation. Paul Braven GLA050416COUNCIL

'Deeply upsetting': Councillor's full resignation letter

GLADSTONE region councillor Cindi Bush's resignation has been accepted today by acting chief executive Leisa Dowling.

Here is the resignation letter Cr Bush wrote to Gladstone Regional Council Mayor Matt Burnett: 

Dear Matt,

It is with much regret, sadness, frustration and despair that I tender my resignation as Councillor with the Gladstone Regional Council.

Due to the significant impacts of changes to Gladstone's Obstetric services privately, and the lack of faith in the public system's ability to navigate its way through the true needs of the community, my husband Adam has decided that he cannot practise in Gladstone anymore.

This is deeply upsetting to us both as he has diligently and compassionately seen to the needs of patients, both public and private, for more than 25 years in Gladstone, resulting in the safe delivery of over 6000 babies.

We have both tried very hard to find ways to overcome this change but no amount of negotiating gives surety or any type of satisfaction that Gladstone women will receive the caliber of respect and treatment that they deserve. Quite frankly, the decisions made have ensured that there is no place for him here, anymore.  I cannot bear the thought, let alone consider the option, of us being apart if he were to work elsewhere in the state.

I am proud of my performance thus far, and grateful for the opportunity given to me by the people.  I am grateful to you and my colleagues for being there for me and wanting to learn and understand the complexities of health care.  I will never forget the kindness and concern offered to me by all of you.

Matt, I particularly want to thank you for your guidance and understanding.  You have been a wonderful mentor and leader for me and I wish you and the rest of the team, all the very best in navigating the Gladstone Region through one of its most challenging eras.

Yours sincerely,

Cindi Bush