A man has been sentenced after he claimed to be a NSW police officer. Picture: NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard
A man has been sentenced after he claimed to be a NSW police officer. Picture: NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard

Fake cop in court for ‘frightening’ harassment of neighbour

A Tweed Heads man who harassed his neighbour was recorded on video claiming to be a NSW police officer.

Robert Joseph Schwarz, 55, pleaded guilty in Tweed Heads Local Court on April 14 to stalking or intimidation with intent to cause physical harm, and impersonating a police officer.

Court documents reveal for the past five years Schwarz and his neighbour had a number of adverse interactions where she had been verbally abused or threatened by him, some of which had been reported to police.

The offence before the court occurred at 3.30pm on March 11 where the victim was at home in her unit speaking to a medical receptionist when she heard loud banging coming from her front door.

The victim heard Schwarz yelling for her to open the door and come outside or he would kick the door in.

She asked the receptionist to call the police.

Schwarz walked away from the door down the backstairs and outside the complex and began yelling out, "keep f***ing recording" and called her offensive names.

Court documents state she was "terrified for her life".

As per previous advice, she recorded Schwarz.

Schwarz is heard in the video stating: "Excuse me ma'am, we have received a complaint from NSW police. Can you please open the door."

He continues to refer to himself as NSW police using similar words.

Schwarz stated to the victim "any orders now from you, any complaints from you … we will not answer because you're full of sh**".

Schwarz was also recorded making threats to the victim's boyfriend stating: "Okay so we'll go and see your boyfriend in … street. We know where he lives so we'll go see him sir so you please explain that it's NSW police thank you."

In the video Schwarz can be heard loudly and aggressively banging on the door while the victim can be heard breathing deeply.

Schwarz was arrested for intimidation and taken to the police station.

When police played the video he did not deny the fact it was him but said "no recollection".

Schwarz's defence told the court his client had spent five days in prison on remand.

"He described it as harrowing and he has no intention of committing further offences," the defence said.

The defence told the court on the date of the offence his client had intended on complaining to his neighbour about rubbish being left in the stairwell of the complex.

He said his client was remorseful and accepted his actions were "frightening".

The defence asked the court to consider the impersonation was an "unsophisticated attempt".

Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy said the way Schwarz conducted himself was "completely not acceptable."

He convicted and sentenced Schwarz to a two-year community corrections order.