Friends of RSPCA in urgent need of temporary facility

THE GLADSTONE Friends of RSPCA is desperate, according to its president Judy Whicker.

While the local group waits for its new adoption centre to be built, Ms Whicker said Friends of RSPCA is in urgent need of a temporary facility.

"Since we have had to vacate our adoption centre at the end of last month, we no longer have a facility to take our animals to vet treat them, bath and do their behavioural assessments," she said.

Ms Whicker said this was putting a huge strain on volunteers who were using their own homes to perform these duties.

She is putting the call out to the community to help find a temporary centre the group can use for the next six months.

"Ideally the facility will need power and water which they are more than happy to pay," she said.

Foster carers are also in urgent need, Ms Whicker said.

"The present amount of dogs and cats that are coming through the pound is exceeding the amount of fosterers the group has," she said.

Ms Whicker said working with the Friends of RSPCA was very rewarding.

If you are able to assist the local RSPCA group please call Judy Whicker on 0417 065 394.