GLADSTONE residents embraced fresh produce and pre-loved goods on Saturday at the Library Square Markets and the Blue Care Auxiliary Garage Sale.

There was a small crowd for the first markets at Goondoon St for the year - but those who were there were quick to grab the fresh fruit and vegetables.

"We come here all the time. Ooy (wife) is Thai and we can get a lot of Asian vegetables here," Nick Ralph said.

Paul McGuire was spotted close by with his dog Digger.

He adopted the seven-month-old pooch from the RSPCA.

"He's a pretty good dog. It's like he's gone from the dog house to the penthouse - I live on the island and he spends a lot of time at the beach," he said.

At the first Blue Care Auxiliary garage sale for the year there was plenty on offer from furniture, kitchen appliances, clothing and plants.

Grace Cavanagh, 6, was proud to choose some plants to add to their garden.

"I like them because they're big and tall, and they're pretty colours," she said.