Fresh from Paris into world’s best job in sunshine state

HOW many of us can claim to have the best job in world?

Parisian Elisa Detrez can rightfully claim the enviable role is hers - and she's come to Gladstone for it.

When she applied for Tourism Australia's Best Job in the World competition in March of this year, Miss Detrez triumphed over 330,000 applicants from over 196 countries to win a position of park ranger in Queensland.

"I never imagined I would be successful in my application," she said.

"I was so thrilled and I am having an amazing time in Queensland."

Having already toured the tropical North and Capricornia regions, Miss Detrez departed on Thursday to Heron Island to marvel at the 80 turtles currently ashore laying eggs.

"I have a big respect for turtles," she said.

"They have an uphill battle ahead of them to survive from the moment the eggs are laid."

With a packed itinery over the coming week while visiting the Gladstone region and Banana Shire, Miss Detrez has her partner Max Coquard in tow to document the experience.

A three-night stay in Heron Island will be followed by a visit to Myella Farm Stay and Kroombit Tops National Park.

The role of park ranger involves working alongside tour guides and tourism operators to showcase the state's best natural assets on an international stage through social media.

Miss Detrez, originally from Paris, speaks four languages and boasts two degrees - in Business Management Tourism and Political Sciences.

Beyond her commitments as Queensland's Park Ranger for the remaining two and a half months, Miss Detrez pans to explore what Australia has to offer outside of Queensland, and to enjoy some much deserved down time.

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Elisa Detrez.
Elisa Detrez. Contributed