ADULT LAUGHS: Comedian Frenchy will be appearing at the Harvey Road Tavern tonight.
ADULT LAUGHS: Comedian Frenchy will be appearing at the Harvey Road Tavern tonight. JAMES PENLIDIS PHOTOGRAPHY

Frenchy's not chic but he is funny

AUSTRALIAN comedian Frenchy used to be a teacher and said it was great training for working in pubs.

"I was in some pretty rough schools teaching physical education because I like sports," he said.

"But I didn't get to play much sports, I just got to hang out with kids who wanted to stab me.

"Dealing with that and being heckled by the students was excellent training for stand-up comedy."

Frenchy started performing in 2009 at comedy clubs before going to film school for a little while.

"A few of the Youtube videos I did took off," he said.

"So I thought I'd go full time in stand-up comedy.

"I like to do dirty jokes to make my friends laugh, it's all pretty relatable to Australians.

"I used to get a few walkouts when people weren't sure what I was into.

"At a show in Edinburgh a posh family sat in the front row thinking someone named 'Frenchy' was going to be all clever and satirical.

"After my first joke they discovered what I was about and walked out."

Fortunately for Frenchy other's stayed and his shows started selling out.

"The latest tour is called Sex, Drugs and Rollerblades," he said.

"I came up with the name because they're the three things I really enjoy doing in my spare time."

Frenchy was also reluctant to supply his full name.

"I'm just Frenchy, like Beyonce, Madonna, Prince, Knowlesy," he said.

"I tell people I'm Frenchy from the ghetto's of the 'Gong,

"Actually, Wollongong is a pretty nice place."

Frenchy, Australia's Worst Adult, will be appearing at the Harvey Road Tavern tonight at 8pm and tickets for the one hour show are $40 pre-sale or $45 at the door.

Due to its' content the show is restricted to patrons 18 years and older.

For more information visit the Harvey Road Tavern website.