LIBRARY IN YOUR HAND: Senior library officer Jamie Treble can help you read online, any time.
LIBRARY IN YOUR HAND: Senior library officer Jamie Treble can help you read online, any time. Greg Bray

Audio books are a big hit for Gladstone truckies

SENIOR librarian Jamie Treble√ says eaudio books are extremely popular with truckies, people working out or mum's doing housework.  

"All you have to do is download your novel, push play and that leaves your hands free to do whatever while you enjoy listening to the story."  

Mr Treble says the library has free, 24/7 access to hundreds of books, magazines, TV shows and movies.  

"The only requirements people need are a smart device, or a computer, and library membership," he said.  

"Once you have those we'll be happy to show you how to download the apps and you'll have an online library in your hand."  

Mr Treble says many existing members are taking advantage of the service offered at Gladstone's regional libraries.  

The two main platforms available on the library website are Borrow Box and RB Digital.  

"BorrowBox√ is mainly ebooks and digital audio and right now it's slightly more popular," Mr Treble said.  

"RB Digital√ also has ebooks and audio books, but it also has TV shows, movies, encyclopaedia, magazines and comics.  

"There are also games and online training resources, like computer and language courses available."  

Existing library members can access the Elibrary by using their current membership number.  

"If you don't have a smart phone you can download stuff onto an MP3 player," Mr Treble said.  

"If you're not sure of what to do, come and have a chat to one of our librarians and we'll help you get set up."  

When asked if he was concerned about Elibraries pushing him out of a job he said, "No."  

We're always going to have books.

"Also, e-book sales are dropping because a lot of readers are coming back to the printed word."  

When it came to the new versus old technology, Mr Treble didn't have a personal preference.  

"I like both, it's a like asking me to pick a favourite desert," he said.