A letter writer says Scott Morrison’s government has failed to properly deliver aged care. Picture: Sean Davey
A letter writer says Scott Morrison’s government has failed to properly deliver aged care. Picture: Sean Davey

Free speech comes with a responsibility to use it


The media and many bloggers were very critical of the Rudd Labor Government when State Government regulation and supervision failures led to four pink batt installer deaths.

Many still are.

The Federal Government has failed to deliver the aged care it is responsible to provide. There have been 358 deaths.

The response?

The same media and commentariat is now queuing up to help the Federal Government blame the State Governments for its failure. When it talks about it at all.

When the responsible minister walks out of parliament rather than provide a half competent response, there's no comment.

Apparently the search for the new Broncos coach is more important.

The media had a lot to say demanding free speech earlier this year.

Why? When it avoids the responsibility that goes with it.

ANDREW MORAN, Battery Hill

Veteran support vital

Mates4Mates has welcomed new legislation from the Government, bringing the establishment of a National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention one step closer.

At Mates4Mates, we see first-hand the impact of mental health issues on veterans and their families and the risk of suicide.

We will continue to support steps being taken to combat this.

Over the past year the discussion and awareness around suicide among veterans has been gaining momentum but we know there's still more work to be done in this space to ensure suicides are reduced.

Right now, the need is more important than ever, with some veterans experiencing increased levels of distress and isolation due to COVID-19.

No one - military personnel, veterans, or everyday Australians - should have to go through mental illness alone and our thoughts remain with all families and individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide.

At Mates4Mates, we will continue to work hard to support veterans and their families and we encourage locals to reach out in times of need.

For support, phone Mates4Mates on 1300 462 837, speak with a trusted GP, or call Open Arms or Lifeline on 131 114.

TROY WATSON, Mates4Mates