IN THE SUN: Fred Schneider relaxes by the pool.
IN THE SUN: Fred Schneider relaxes by the pool. Luka Kauzlaric

Monday Male builds life in region after moving for work

"THE wild women and the ripping and the tearing," said Fred Schneider jokingly, when asked what had brought him to Gladstone.

"No just kidding; it was simply a change in workplace," he said.

The licensed scaffolder, 23, moved to the region about three years ago and has been working on Curtis Island for about two and a half years - gaining vast experience in the industry.

"It's a good place to work," he said.

"There are a lot of good lads there and coming to work is easy when you have good mates to work with."

And speaking of mates, Fred was keen to particularly offer one a small shout-out.

"I really look up to some of my friends in Gladstone - one of them being Kenny Grant," he said with a laugh.

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Fred is an outdoorsy socialite at heart who enjoys a good joke.

And while working 60 hours a week leaves little time for activities, Fred makes the most of his gym time.

He said being healthy and keeping fit took up most of his spare time.

"But I like to hang out with the boys and do things in the sun - fishing and water sports," he said.

"I try to stay off the drink as much as possible and there's plenty of other things to do than that."

With his birthday coming up next month, The Observer asked Fred what his ideal present would be.

"Probably (something) like a holiday and also a clean Gladstone Harbour," he said.