This man has pleaded not guilty to three charges of rape, two of indecent treatment of a child and one of supplying a drug to a minor.
This man has pleaded not guilty to three charges of rape, two of indecent treatment of a child and one of supplying a drug to a minor. Alistair Brightman

Fraser Coast rape accused denies charges

A MAN accused of raping his little sister three times has denied the allegations.

The 37-year-old Fraser Coast resident has pleaded not guilty to rape, indecent dealing of a child and supplying a drug to a minor.

The businessman, who cannot be named so the alleged victim's identity is protected, gave evidence in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday, saying he never harmed the girl.

She is his younger half-sister and the offences are said to have occurred in Brisbane and Hervey Bay between 1998 and 2006.

The girl was eight and he was 16 when the alleged offending began.

He is accused of waking the girl, carrying her to his bed and raping her in Logan.

He is also accused of giving her drugs and alcohol before allegedly raping her twice in his unit at Hervey Bay.

On Tuesday, he told the jury he never stayed overnight at the Logan home and that he did not harm the girl - now aged 29 - when she was living on the Fraser Coast.

The father of the alleged victim and stepfather of the accused man gave evidence, saying he told his daughter to withdraw the charges when she first spoke to police a number of years ago.

He said he thought at the time that his daughter was lying because she was "struggling” with the idea of her father having to go overseas for work.

"I told her 'This is bullshit - you need to be honest and change your statement',” the 50-year-old former Townsville man said.

The man said it was not his daughter's own choice to withdraw the statement, that she did so after he asked her to and that she never told him she was "lying” about the rape claims.

A half sister of the alleged victim and full sister to the brother also gave evidence on Tuesday, saying she had a phone conversation with the defendant around the time of the Hervey Bay incident.

The woman said her brother told her he had sex with their half sister and that the then 14-year-old girl "initiated it”.

"He said she wanted to try having sex because she did not want to be scared when she had it the first time (with someone else),” the sister told the jury.

"He said he let her practise oral on him and that they were playing around with each other.

"I asked how this could happen and said that he should have known better.

"He said he was drinking and it was a big mistake and he would never do it again.”

The defendant has denied this conversation took place.

The trial before Justice James Douglas continues. - NewsRegional