Noosa's domestic violence resources are under scrutiny as part of the council election.
Noosa's domestic violence resources are under scrutiny as part of the council election. CONTRIBUTED

Four-month-old baby caught up in violent 'tug of war'

AN INFANT was showered with shards of glass after his father smashed a mirror during an act of domestic violence.

The four-month-old was not seriously injured in the incident, the Rockhampton Magistrates Court was told yesterday when the father was sentenced for two counts of breaching a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said the man's partner had been in the bedroom with the baby in a bouncer on the floor next to her when the man entered the room on July 8 and got into a "tug of war" over the iPad she had been using to talk to another person.

She said during the struggle, the mirror was smashed by the man, with shards falling on the baby.

Ms Kurtz said the defendant left the room.

She said the second breach was when the defendant and the woman had an argument in the living room on August 2 over who the defendant was associating with and pokies.

Ms Kurtz said the defendant took the woman's phone and smashed it on the floor so hard it could not be turned on again, and it was smashed near the baby.

She said the man followed the woman and told her to give him all of her money or he would bash her.

Ms Kurtz said another man intervened and the defendant left.

The court was told the man was placed on a probation order in April for breaching the order.

Defence lawyer Joanne Madden said the defendant did not think the mirror would break and hurt the child.

She said he accepted he needs counselling for anger issues, which was identified by probation officers.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said the man turned to violence from "petty frustration" over who the woman was talking to.

"The behaviour was gutless and quite disgraceful and the type of behaviour that does not belong in a civilised society," he said.

Mr Clark ordered the man to three months' prison, wholly suspended and operational for 12 months. Convictions were recorded.