"There’s 149 people in federal parliament – I’m one," Mr Dutton said.

Four contenders put up their hand for Turnbull's job

Three Liberals have now announced they are interested in being leader after Malcolm Turnbull, and one won't rule it out. The stampede is starting, with Peter Dutton, Josh Frydenberg, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop at the head of the herd.

Peter Dutton yesterday:

 There's 149 people in federal parliament - I'm one. I think the other 148, if they were being honest, would tell you that if the opportunity came their way they'd be interested as well. 

Scott Morrison last night:

LEIGH SALES: Next time the leadership is vacant, will you run?

SCOTT MORRISON: Well, I think every member of Parliament who goes in and serves in the House of Representatives has that option available to them.

Now, down the track I am sure, if an opportunity presented itself, Leigh, but not while Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister.

Josh Frydenberg:

I aspire to be the best I can be, and if that can take me to the top job, you wouldn't say no, but I'm a very happy member of the Turnbull government.

Julie Bishop:

Ms Bishop did not rule out running for the leadership herself if it was vacated by Christmas but said she was focused on her current roles.

"I have been elected by my colleagues to be the deputy leader of the Liberal Party, I'm Australia's Foreign Minister so my priority is to focus on the jobs and responsibilities I have now."

Then there's Tony Abbott.

Still to be asked: Greg Hunt.

A deadline is set by former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce:

"You have an obligation not to drive your party or the government off a cliff," Mr Joyce told Sky News.

"Towards the end, near Christmas, you'd have to start asking those around you, what do they believe is the proper course of action. 

"If they're going to lose their job and you're going to lose government, then later on you have to do the right thing and say we've got to look at another way to do business.

"Malcolm isn't a fool, he'd know that himself. We're stating here the bleeding obvious.

"No-one wants to go to an election you know you're going to lose. And you have an obligation to all around you.

"If you honestly believe that is the case, you must do something about it and do the honourable thing and start grooming an alternative."