BACK TO WIN: Blair Smith is returning to the Port City Power at 43 and wants to win a QBL title.
BACK TO WIN: Blair Smith is returning to the Port City Power at 43 and wants to win a QBL title. Brenda Strong

Former NBL star back to boost Power quest

VETERAN basketballer Blair Smith is rejoining the Port City Power this season, his main motivation being to win the Queensland Basketball League title.

It would be a big turnaround from last year for the Power but one Smith believes is possible ... and he thinks he can make a difference.

"I look forward to getting a title for the Power. I think we can do it immediately," he said.

"I would like to be an impact player with experience and smarts. I will put my body on the line and add some energy."

By the time Smith pulls on the Power uniform for the first time in two years, his body will be 43 years old.

But Power fans need not worry, according to the six-foot-eight (203cm) forward.

They have seen his ability in the past with the Port City team, and he was the league's MVP in 2003.

Despite being past what would be considered peak physical age, Smith rates his ability as good as ever.

"Physically I could do 40 minutes a game no problem," he said.

"I have no concerns physically.

"I am in pretty good shape actually, I have been lifting weights and will start on the running soon."

His healthy body is despite a long list of ailments in his substantial career, which extends back into his youth playing NBL.

Three years ago, Smith started using natural remedies to help his body, which he said has lifted his output to a career high.

In fact, the reason he did not play in 2014 was not because of his body, rather because he couldn't justify the time away from his family.

"I work in Monto as a deputy principal so it is a lot of time away from the family," he said.

"I couldn't justify it with the team we had last year."

Smith did manage to make it to every home game of 2014 and struggled watching his mates suffer defeat after defeat.

A few months on from the end of the one win, 15 loss season, Smith has already been convinced the team is destined for big things under the leadership of Derek Rucker.

Which means he wants to make the journey to training a couple of days a week plus go on the road for eight matches away from Kev Broome Stadium.

"It will be exciting, I loved playing with him at the Western Sydney Razorbacks," Smith said.

Rucker's ratings:

  • Shooting - 8
  • Passing - 8
  • In the paint - 9
  • Court savvy - 10
  • Leadership - 9
  • Defence - 8
  • Post play - 8
  • Ball handling - 6.5
  • Rebounding - 8
  • Off-court intangibles - 10