Meteors' Joanna Homann scored the first goal of the year for her club.
Meteors' Joanna Homann scored the first goal of the year for her club. Paul Braven

Forfeit and draw starts off CQHL

HOCKEY: In what was a weekend of round one forfeits, the Meteors men's side were automatic winners.

Sparks forfeited the first game of the season and the unfortunate scenario left Meteors player Jordyn Wilson not happy.

"It was pretty frustrating for us where our men were champing at the bit to play and were prepared and ready to go," he said.

Meteors meet Rockhampton Wanderers this Saturday at 4.30pm.

It was a thrilling 1-1 draw between Gladstone Souths and Meteors in what was a high quality CQHL women's game.

Meteors drew first blood when Joanna Homann scored midway into the first half.

It could have been more had it not been for Souths' defence and Wilson said the Meteors women enjoyed playing together.

"We dominated field position and had numerous goal scoring chances though just couldn't convert," Wilson said.

Standouts for Meteors were Brooke Hansen, Kellie Pagel, Zoe Calis, and Homann. Meteors meet Sparks on Saturday at 5.50pm.


Under 12

Yaralla (2 - Justin Fourle 1, Ryle Weiland 1) vs Meteors Blazer (0) Sparks blue (0) vs Meteors Flames (2 - Billy Price 1, Joyce Jinnette 1) Souths (4 - William Bunyan 1, Lucas Allen 1, Ava Williams 1, Owen Smith 1) vs Sparks Red (1 - Seth Jarram 1)

Under 14 Mixed

Yaralla (2 - Claire Smith 1, Jessica Curr 1) vs Crocs (5 - Summer Blackmore 4, Emerald Western 1)

Under 16 Mixed

Souths (2 - Hannah Powell 1, William Redfern 1) vs Meteors (3 - Ryley Bobart 1, Hayden Pease 1, Anaya McCafferty 1)

A3 Women

Yaralla (2 - Claire Smith 1, Jayne Josefski 1) vs Sparks (0) Souths (1 - Maria Allen 1) vs Crocs (3 - Summer Blackmore 2, Tiffany Stevens 1)

A2 Women

Souths (0) vs Sparks (3 - Angela Whelan 2, Maddie Randazzo 1) Meteors (0) vs Crocs (5 - Kirsty Iszutus 2, Jacque Murchie 2, Summer Blackmore 1)

A2 Men

Yaralla (5 - Paul Aitkinhead 1, Mark Wheatly 1, Craig Cavanagh 2, Adam Wheatly 1) vs Meteors (0)

A1 Women

Souths (1 - Lisa Grady 1) vs Meteors (1)