Ford ute recalled with fears wheel could fall off

FORD has sent out a vehicle safety recall for a certain falcon ute with fears the wheel could come off the axle assembly.

The safety recall states that "on certain (FG II Falcon Utility) vehicles the rear axle house weld may crack resulting in an oil leak and potentially resulting in partial or full separation of the wheel assembly from the axe assembly".

"This could result in rear suspension noise, and in extreme cases, loss of steering control, a reduction of loss of break performance and loss of motive power."

The vehicles that have been recalled were built from August 1 2012, to March 28, 2013.

Ford has advised owners of the recalled vehicles should arrange with an authorised Ford dealer to have the vehicle inspected and the rear axle replaced if necessary.

The service will be performed free of charge.

For more information call 1800 503 672.