Plan for state targets families, communities and wellbeing

QUEENSLANDERS want an inclusive society where we embrace diversity and capitalise on what seniors and people with a disability have to give.

They want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to have the same opportunities and employment rates as non-Indigenous Queenslanders.

The Queensland Plan has a big focus on families, communities and wellbeing.

"In 2044, community spirit will not be a goal, it will be a way of life," the plan says.

"We must continue to help the long-term unemployed find a career path, ensure all children participate in an early childhood education program, improve our health literacy and reduce ill health, and support young Queenslanders to reduce the demand for welfare services over the longer term.

"We need to ensure we continue to support and engage with our older Queenslanders."

Success, the plan says, will be more people living and working in regional centres to address population issues.

It will mean young people have study options in their local communities, that seniors mentor the younger generation and there are centres of excellence capable of attracting "bright minds" right throughout regional Queensland.

Success will be children understanding what an active and healthy lifestyle means from a young age and being able to manage our working hours so we can spend quality time with our family, friends and community.