FIX ME: Mayor Matt Burnett is hoping to see the uneven footpath opposite council chambers upgraded.
FIX ME: Mayor Matt Burnett is hoping to see the uneven footpath opposite council chambers upgraded. Matt Taylor GLA100319PATH

Footpaths, gravel sealing among list of W4Q projects

GLADSTONE Regional Council has approved a list of projects to be submitted for the Works for Queensland 2019/2021 funding round.

The program supports regional councils to undertake job-creating maintenance and minor infrastructure projects.

The previous funding round helped deliver projects such as the Harbour City BMX track upgrade, Bray Park pump track and various footpath and pavement renewals in the region.

The latest round has a large focus on footpaths and gravel resheeting, including $2million for footpath revitalisation treatments on both sides of Goondoon St from Bramston St to William St.

A total of $6.23million has been made available to GRC and projects must be delivered by June 30, 2021.

Fifty per cent of the funding is available this financial year with the remainder in 2019/2020. Surplus funds from each project can be redirected to other projects approved under the latest round of funding.

The council's 2018/19 budget had $3.7million allocated for footpath construction, upgrades and renewals.

Mayor Matt Burnett said his preference was to amend the wording in the council's funding submission regarding the Goondoon St works.

"I asked for it to be amended because the priority section - in my opinion and I'm supported by council - is opposite the council chambers which is uneven and dangerous and needs to be replaced," he said.

The council's gravel resheeting program had $1.5million allocated, which was originally set aside for various locations in southern and central areas of the region.

"That was amended as well so we can have gravel resheeting anywhere in the region," Cr Burnett said.

Cr Burnett said gravel resheeting provided the best value for money for council.

"We've got so many gravel roads and you can't asphalt those gravel roads because the justification for the capital expenditure isn't there," he said.

"We've got gravel roads in our region that for as long as I'll be alive will be gravel because that's the best, most economical way."

Other projects include upgrade to Agnes Water car parking and the walking trail and access road to Mount Larcom.


  • Agnes Water car parking - $980,000
  • Goondoon St footpaths - $2 million
  • Tondoon Botanic Gardens access bridge to future demonstration gardens - $600,000
  • Mt Larcom walking trail access road upgrade - $300,000
  • Footpath renewal program - $798,000
  • Accelerated gravel road seal program (for Toowell Rd, Darts Creek Rd and John Clifford Way) - $483,790
  • Gravel resheet program - $1,051,742
  • Welcome to Country signage - $16,468.