Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd
Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd Luka Kauzlaric

Flynn MP says it is time for a dose of reality about budget

IN AN effort to debunk what he believes are myths surrounding the Federal Budget, Federal Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd has released a statement saying it is time for a dose of reality.

"We have one of the fastest growing debts of all OECD countries and that is simply unsustainable," Mr O'Dowd said.

"The point is not the relative level of debt now, but the trajectory that the debt is headed on,

"Unless the Government is allowed to make changes to turn it around, the debt will become virtually insurmountable and future governments will be forced to bring in drastic austerity measures like they have in Greece."

Mr O'Dowd said Australian cannot to continue going the way it is.

"Surely people must understand that we cannot keep giving everyone everything they want without turning the country into a basket case," he said.

"Unfortunately, people are being taken in by the scare-mongering campaign going on in the media. People believe the Government is bringing in massive cuts to health, education and pensions.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

"In fact the Government has increased spending in these areas over this term. Sure, they're not making promises to keep increasing spending into the future forward estimates as Labor did before the election. 

"But people have to ask themselves - Do you want shallow promises or do you want to get the country back on track?

"If you believe the measure of a good government is one that buys votes by giving away money it does not have, racking it up on the credit card, promising even more into the future, knowing that their promises can never be delivered, then Labor and the Palmer United Party are for you.

"This government is making modest changes now to ensure that Australia doesn't end up like Greece. 

Mr O'Dowd said the Labor Party's reply to the budget was in essence to say: "What debt? We won't let the Government fix our mess.

"Instead, we will give you more, make you feel happy in the short term and who gives a damn about the future - not us!"