EMPTY SHELVES: Bread, pasta and milk all go early when flood warnings are sounded. For what reason we’ll never understand.
EMPTY SHELVES: Bread, pasta and milk all go early when flood warnings are sounded. For what reason we’ll never understand. Contributed

Flood watch: the 10 things you'll really need

WE'VE seen it all before, wild weather, flash flooding and the inevitable mad dash to the supermarket to stock up.

Bread and milk supplies disappear in a heartbeat as the tinned food stays untouched on the shelves.

With the onset of inclement weather for the next few days, in many parts severe rain and strong winds, there's a huge chance we may experience power outages at some point.

Have you got an emergency kit in case of a flood?

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No power means your precious milk stash will end up going off, meaning there's probably better ways to spend your money in preparation for wild weather.

Here's 10 things you should be buying before bread and milk:

1 - Water: Don't rely on your own water supply remaining reliable. By all means fill as many bottles at home in preparation, even the bathtub is always a good idea, but your best bet is to grab one of those big boppers, a 10-litre bottle of water from your nearest supermarket. Coffee and toast is a luxury. Clean drinking water is a necessity.


Wild Weather: Nambour, Petrie Creek flood waters, February 21, 2015. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily
WILD WEATHER: Nambour, Petrie Creek flood waters, February 21, 2015. Patrick Woods

2 - Food: Bread is a dumb move. Namely, with more humidity in the air, chances are it's not going to keep for too long. Tinned food however, is a wise move. Tuna, Spam, cold spaghetti, beans, corn, beetroot- it's all ready to eat and will keep fine sitting in your pantry. If the power's out and you're cut off at least you can crack into a can of SPC's finest.

3 - Candles: If you're losing your lighting then candles are a great idea. Obviously they should be kept in a stable area and not left unsupervised, but can make your life a hell of a lot easier.

4 - Matches/lighter: Bit of a no-brainer and probably should be prioritised above candles, but these come in real handy if you're pitched into darkness by a felled tree on a power line.

5 - Batteries: Stock up on batteries whether it's for your torch, radio, cordless drill or any other object you may require. It's something we rarely think of until we need so you don't want to be left short in your time of need.

6 - Torch: Speaks for itself really doesn't it? Whether it's checking on a tarp you've tied down or finding your way through the kitchen, these things are vital, especially if power lines are downed and you're outside in darkness.

7 - Radio: It's probably part of your emergency first aid kit already, but if you don't have an old-school wireless then it's time to get one. Digital radios, even radio through the TV will work until you need them most, that's Murphy's Law, so make sure you've got a backup so you can stay updated to any crucial announcements.


Flooded roads at Cotton Tree Esplanade on February 21, 2015, after heavy rain.
BRAVING IT: Plenty are prepared to drive through flooded roads despite the warnings. If it’s flooded, seriously, forget it! Patrick Woods

8 - Warmth: Rather than rushing out to snatch up all the bread and milk you can possibly fit into your car, why not zip out to Kmart or a bedding store and grab a few extra blankets. Nothing worse than being wet or inundated and having the cold set in. If you can get somewhere high and dry stash a few blankets and at least ensure some level of comfort.

9 - Ziplock bags: What? For your Iced Vo-Vos? Negative. These little gems are worth their weight in waterproof gold. Stash your valuables, passports, batteries, emergency phone numbers, passwords, wallets and more in these little guys and you're on the right track to keeping the vitals dry. Hot tip, if you have more than one mobile phone in the house, make sure they're fully charged, then turn one off, pop it in the Ziplock and keep it as a last-ditch emergency phone only.

10 - Book: Not quite up there with food or water, but still important. If you're cut off from the outside world by flash flooding but are safe and sound, sometimes all you can do is sit down with a good book and wait for the waters to abate. Don't be caught short.