FLOATING FREE: Polystyrene blocks float in Chase Lake on Thursday.
FLOATING FREE: Polystyrene blocks float in Chase Lake on Thursday. James Mcgrath

Calliope residents claim council refuses to clean up lake

SEVERAL Calliope residents are concerned by the state of the town's Chase Lake, claiming the council has refused to deal with a growing rubbish problem.

The latest issue is with polystyrene blocks floating on the lake, which residents say not only damages the amenity of the lake, but also encourages children playing in the nearby park to jump in.

They say the blocks have blown into the lake from nearby building sites, and despite the Calliope branch of the Gladstone Regional Council being informed of the situation a week ago, nothing has been done.

However, Mayor Gail Sellers said a clean-up crew had removed most of the rubbish.

"This week, council staff attended to the site and cleaned as much of the litter as they could," she said.

The lake is surrounded by homes, near a public park.

Another resident said the issue with the lake could run deeper, claiming rubbish continually floated into the lake, from a pipe without a mesh grate.

"There's a big pipe where water comes through into the lake and they never put mesh over that pipe so every now and again you get plastic bags, bottles…they all float through," the resident said.

The council had been warned of the situation as long ago as 18 months, but had done nothing about the situation, it was claimed.

"Council's Engineering Department has also been made aware of the situation and were advised to clean the pipe at the head of the lake," Cr Sellers said.