Five things the council will be spending money on this year

GLADSTONE Regional Council announced its budget for 2015/16 earlier today. Here is a list of five things the council will be spending its money on this year.

Roads, sports parks, loan repayments are at the top of the agenda for this budget.

1. $19.23m will be allocated to loan repayments and Gladstone's Mayor Gail Sellers said they had no plans of additional borrowings forecast during the next 10 financial years.


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2. Alf Larson/Lions Park redevelopment at Miriam Vale will receive a welcomed boost with stages 1 and 2, costing $3.8 million, and Liz Cunningham Park at Calliope a further $1.5 million.

3. The council will spend $47.5 million in infrastructure repair and replacement projects, such as road resealing of $5.45 million and gravel resheeting of roads of $2.49 million through the region.

4. Chapman Dr at Clinton will receive a $3.46 million road reconstruction, and $1.4 million will be spent on repairs to the Matthew Flinders bridge which provides access to the Gladstone Marina.

5. Water and sewerage replacement projects will cost $12.04 million, which will include the Miriam vale and Boyne Island waste water treatment plants.