Father and son and one snodger of a barra this week.
Father and son and one snodger of a barra this week. Contributed

Fishos nab big barramundi on Gladstone charter trip

FULL moon this weekend but unfortunately the weather isn't going to remain as it is on Friday.

This evening we'll see winds pop up to about 15-20 knots from the east, and along with that so will the sea.

If you don't manage to get out on Friday I don't think you'll get out for the next few days, but we have plenty of other options in the harbour, creeks and river systems across the region.

There are plenty of barra around at present and they are certainly on the chew, especially as the sun goes down right through the night 'til sunrise and then they seem to shut down.

The usual haunts like the Hotwater outlet and up through the Calliope, along with Grahams Creek and its systems including Rawbelle and Hobble Gully, down to the Boyne River, Walk Cattle Creek, Rodds Bay, Mundoolin Rocks, and even down to the systems around Seventeen Seventy have been producing good barra.

There are a few others up the top of the Narrows or even along the rock walls that line the marina, and harbour excellent numbers of fish.

Check them out on your sounder, as they are there in the big numbers.

If you are out chasing these guys in the dark be aware that there are lots of nets about at the moment and you might get tangled up in them.

Johnny Mitchell took some clients to chase barra and whatever else they could catch earlier this week, and as you can see this 114cm barra was landed by a father and son team, who got their pictures taken and returned the fish to the water.

It's certainly a decent barra with a big girth and it's nice to see it swim off.

The barra season closes at noon on November 1 to give these old girls a fighting chance of spawning during the summer months up until February 1 at noon, when it's all back on again.

The reef fin fish closure happens again in a couple of weeks and you need to be aware of the dates - Wednesday, October 30 at midnight through until midnight Monday, November 4.

What's the bet the weather will be absolutely sensational during that time?

While all this wind is blowing preventing you from fishing out the front, it might be a great time to chase some of the big bream, which are fat as at the moment.

The areas along Hamilton Point, Tide Island, and around the Gut have been coughing up some decent fish, but not only Bream because right beside them lives johnii otherwise known as fingermark.

Brace yourself!

Around the mouths of creeks and sandy bottom areas like the Lillies, the Boyne River, Seven Mile or even over at South End there are plenty of big flathead, and being one of the nicest table fish around, this weekend could be the ideal time to target those.

That's it from me but make sure you get out and enjoy what this region has to offer.