Tanya Wright-Ramsay and Dan Ramsay fishing in Gladstone.
Tanya Wright-Ramsay and Dan Ramsay fishing in Gladstone. Campbell Gellie

Fishing with... Gladstone a great spot to drop in a line

THIS week we go fishing with Tanya Wright-Ramsay and Dan Ramsay.

Have they been biting? Yeah we've had a few bites. We've been here for 45 minutes.

We've caught absolutely nothing though. We're using frozen prawns for bait.

How long have you been in Gladstone? We've been in Gladstone from Gracemere for six years.

It's a wonderful place to go fishing on a Tuesday. We try this spot about once a month.

Where do you usually go fishing? Anywhere we can get a car to the water. It's one of the good things about Gladstone.

It is such a good habitat for fish. Here you just have to travel five minutes in any direction and you can go fishing.

What's the best fish you have ever caught? Oh that's a hard one. We've caught big barra, salmon, queenfish, flathead and some good bream.

Do you eat the fish you catch? I don't eat fish and he puts them back in the water.

It's good fun and then you release them for someone else to catch.

You don't need to take fish from a habitat that is already getting hammered. We just feed them.

Who taught you how to fish? He taught me.

Any fishing tips? We have three kid and they are a bit on and off with their fishing. It's just a lot easier when you go when they are at school.