Glassout conditions at Lady Musgrave
Glassout conditions at Lady Musgrave Larry Thompson

FISHING WITH DAZ: Where to explore this weekend

WITH the first of the two coral reef fin fish closures done and dusted this week, the forecast for the week ahead looks really good. The next closure applies from November 5 to November 9.

If you don't know the species in question or would like to know more, visit but basically these have been brought in to give those species on the list the opportunity to spawn without anglers targeting aggregation zones.

Last weekend I had a friend of mine from Hervey Bay tow his Power cat up to 1770 along with his bride. Larry and his wife Suzie slipped out to Lady Musgrave meeting up with other friends for the weekend.

Now Larry is no slouch when it comes to fishing but Suzie is amazing with a camera and on this occasion the drone showed us just how nice it was out at LMI.


Fitzroy Lagoon entrance well marked.
Fitzroy Lagoon entrance well marked. Contributed

There are some new moorings out there in the lagoon for people to use and these have been installed by QPWS, and from what I gather there are three moorings for up to 20m vessels, one for up to 25m and one for up to 10m, all monohulls rate, and a maximum of 34 knots of wind speed for the two larger moorings and up to 24 knots for the smaller one.

There are more of these at Lady Elliot, Fitzroy Reef, Outside Lady Musgrave, Heron island, Wistari Reef, Wilson Island, Broomfield Reef, Masthead Island, and Northwest Island.

QPWS have also put six new moorings in Pancake Creek as well, protecting all of these fragile environments from excessive anchor and chain damage. Such a great investment.

This next week does look as though amongst the forecast storms, the breeze and seas look as though they will be around the 10-15 knot mark and a metre, which will pop up when the current is against it at times.

In general, Saturday evening we are expecting a front through the region and the remainder of the weekend should be ideal.


Lady Musgrave Island anchorage
Lady Musgrave Island anchorage Larry Thompson

For those heading out tomorrow if you are leaving from Gladstone it'd be very cool to head to Fitzroy while the northerlies are about and stay out at the Lagoon Friday and Saturday nights then catch the easterly home on Sunday.

The white markers in Fitzroy lagoon are for reef protection, as they denote an area we really don't want any boats or anchors in and the same applies inside Pancake creek.

The ground between Fitzroy and Lamont reefs is excellent for trout, reds and sweeties and at present we have the billfish migrating through the region with the big fellas in the deeper water beyond Fitzroy and the little 15-30kg juveniles in closer to shore.

The 100m ground outside Fitzroy is lousy with pearl perch (chicken of the sea) and barred cod, both of which are stunning table fish.

Give them a brush and if you catch any, I want a fillet!

Have a cracker weekend and don't forget to let VMR Gladstone or Roundhill know where you are going.

Hooroo, Daz