THAT'S A WRAP: Dean Miller's Cobia from the first drop 30kg.
THAT'S A WRAP: Dean Miller's Cobia from the first drop 30kg. Contributed

FISHING WITH DAZ: Region on show for filming

"I SEE red, I see red, I see red!”

A well-known chorus line but this week has been all about red fish!

From huge numbers of red emperor through to red coral trout, red nanygai, red-throat emperor and some of the snapper.

Plus the pearl perch had a red tinge to them as well.

Fishing across the Gladstone Region from the Discovery Coast right up to Douglas Shoals has been spectacular.

Just when you want it to be on show for the media it turned up nice - but only for the day, Thursday a week ago - for visits by Club Marine magazine and Club Marine TV visiting.

The plan was to shoot two days footage of fishing out the front.

But Thursday in particular they got more than they bargained for with the very first drop by TV presenter Dean Miller being inhaled by a 30kg cobia.

There after there was a massive variety of reef species from RTE, to trout, parrot and perch.

It'll be interesting to see how the clip will look as the cameraman was the world famous Chris Deadman, ex-Creek to Coast and Queensland Weekender productions.

There was much interest in the Gladstone Area Water Board's barramundi hatchery as hatchery manager Thomas Hayes shared some insights with Chris Beattie and Dean Miller.

The article will be in April's edition of the Club Marine magazine, which is posted out to almost 100,000 subscribers.

Following that will be the Club Marine TV package on YouTube.

Those looking at coming to the region without a boat certainly have a big choice of charter boats of all sizes and also a few different options of guides like Johnny Mitchell and Justin Nye.

E Marine has just started out of Gladstone marina with day trips to the close reefs.

Plus The Booby Bird is altering its charters to encompass the local reefs as well.

Then you have Robbie Benn's Iron Joy along with Kanimbla, Night Crossing and others heading out to the Swain Reefs for the week-long trips.

Out of Seventeen Seventy there are three or four with Creek 2 Reef now back on the water, Reef Fish Dive 1770, Hooked on 1770 Fishing Charters, Kayak Fish 1770 as well as some others.

For those looking to chase some barra in Lake Awoonga, Nudge and Roxy have some tinnies for hire as well as their barbecue boat.

The lake is fishing well with some amazing sessions with multiple hook-ups.

Speaking of the HookUp, it is rapidly approaching and now with a couple of new categories being human-powered for those with kayaks and also the fly-fishing section, which will really fire up those with the right skills.

If you are looking to learn how to fly fish the likes of Justin Nye at Gladstone Fly and Sportfishing does lessons and coaching.

And even though he doesn't advertise it, I reckon Sir Johnny Mitchell would be pretty handy as well.

The Tannum Crab Classic is on March 31 at the Seagulls Rugby League grounds.

Unfortunately I won't be there this weekend but Jeff Amos will be doing the calling and helping Ernie, Foey and the team. Make sure you get down there for the crab auction and the riveting race!

Big money up for grabs.

Today and in the weekend it looks as though there might be a storm or two hanging around so keep an eye on them and have a plan for what you would do if one hit you.

If you want to know the best advice have a chat with the crew from VMR for when the next local knowledge night is on in Gladstone.

They are only more than willing to share the knowledge that could save your life.

From tomorrow through to the middle of next week conditions look amazing so make sure you get out there and get a feed.

If you don't have a boat but do have a four-wheel-drive buy a permit online at the council website for driving on Lillies Beach, Boyne Island.

Plan to be on the beach when the tide is going out and then come home when its started to come back in enabling you to drive on the hard sand.

There are heaps of little gutters scattered along the beach and they hold good stocks of whiting and bream.

They love beach worms, which you can also collect on that beach or else take some prawns or squid with you.

It all works!

Have a cracker weekend.