Fishers unite to fight government on net zones

COMMERCIAL fishers have united against the State Government.

For the first time the Queensland Seafood Industry Association has banded together with three other Queensland organisations to fight the introduction of three net-free fishing zones.

Leaders of the QSIA, Gulf of Carpentaria Commercial Fisherman's Association, Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association and the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association agree the closures are senseless.

"Excluding commercial fishermen and providing exclusive access for recreational and tourism activity will severely impact on the supply of fresh fish to the community," QSIA president Karen Collard said.

"Seafood Industry Associations have united to oppose the introduction of commercial net fishing bans, which will force fishing families out of business."

QSMA president Marshall Betzel said the government was "misinformed" and the policy was "not consistent with good fisheries management".

It comes after the release of an independent report on fisheries management.

The report released last week made 80 recommendations including having a clear government policy on fisheries management and organising stocks into tiers.

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