A metre long Barra up a tree at Pikes Crossing.
A metre long Barra up a tree at Pikes Crossing. Contributed

Fisherman warns of changed conditions out on the water

FISHING writer Darryl Branthwaite has warned boaties to be careful of conditions around Gladstone after the recent flooding.

Writing in The Oberver on Friday, Mr Branthwaite said another downside to the severe weather event was the condition of the Boyne River and its mouth or channel.

"Much has changed and, if I were venturing out, I wouldn't be relying on how deep the old channel was," he said.

"You can almost count on the fact that it may not be there at all.

"Brad Anderson, local businessman, boat owner, and keen fisherman, slipped out the front on Sunday and sounded the channel, or what was left of it, between the markers and 0.8m was about as deep as it got."

Mr Branthwaite said even with the previous flood it wasn't this filled in, and "now the river mouth resembles what it was like when I arrived here in 1982".

"Best advice is to check your tides, as you should know how much water your boat needs to float," he said.

"Check the weather, because that will impact things a lot more, and always remember that it's a lot smoother, and safer, to cross these areas on an incoming tide, when the wind is blowing from the sea."

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