BIG ONE: Lochlan Philips nabbed this spaniard while out with Johnny Mitchell.
BIG ONE: Lochlan Philips nabbed this spaniard while out with Johnny Mitchell.

Top weekend expected with fish on chew for full moon

ISN'T IT amazing what four days of good weather will do to a person's perspective on life?

Stringing four days together is one thing, but having it happen on a weekend is another, and to top it off being first quarter with little wee tides many managed to hammer the deeper stuff.

Even though the weather forecast predicted smooth seas and light and variable winds it really wasn't like that once out wide though.

I know that my lad Matty has his work cut out for him a bit on Saturday afternoon, and also on Sunday afternoon returning home, and he wasn't the only one.

In saying that it just goes to show that even though we have the wind direction and speed hourly at Rundle, and Heron there is still quite a distance between.

Looking over the Facebook pages it's not hard to see that there were a lot of fish caught over those four days.

On some of the boats there was a lot of counting going on as bag limits were being tested with some species.

From what I could see on Facebook, there were loads of hussar caught along with good numbers of sweetlip, and coral trout.

For those who went and tackled the deep stuff (60-100m) they were well rewarded with good snapper, red and pearl perch. I also noted that there were a few cobia getting around.

The likes of the world famous in Gladstone Johnny Mitchell esquire had a group out over the weekend, who had an absolute ball, tackling the monster spanish mackeral in super dooper clean water.

There are a few events which are coming up which some of you could be interested in - one of which has been organised by Eve Malone from the Gladstone Fishing Network Facebook page, a flotilla or a convoy out to the reef on August 16.

They are also organising another excursion to Boynedale up the Boyne Valley on October 16.

This weekend being full moon is not looking too shabby.

Tomorrow looks as though it'll be around the 10-15knot easterlies, while Sunday afternoon and Monday look awesome as the wind makes its way around to the north by Monday evening.

Inshore things are hotting up as well with excellent barra on the chew in the Calliope and the mouth of the Boyne has been producing some good flathead.

The rocky outcrops and structure around the Bound and in Auckland Creek has some excellent bream and for those who love to chase whiting, Colosseum Mundoolin and Seven Mile have been fishing well.

So this weekend full moon means big tides and as Pat Laws says "no run equals no fun!"